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General - Where to get help

It's bad enough that you're having trouble with Blogger, but when you can't even figure out where to look for help, it's even worse. Never fear, there are some places to look.

First, if you think it's a problem with Blogger, and not just that you are having trouble figuring out how to use it, log it in, with a subject line that will tell someone what the basic problem is at a glance. Even if you are a Free user and it tells you that they probably won't respond, do it anyway, just in case someone glances at the subjects and notices that a couple dozen users have reported the same problem with Free Blogger in the last five minutes.

Beyond that, the first step is to see if your question has already been answered. Looking here is a good start, and for Blogger Pro problems there's also my Pro FAQ, and the Blogger Support page and the Blogger Knowledge Base answer lots of common questions. If something in either of my faqs is close, but not quite it, you're welcome to ask a more specific question in the comments for that entry.

Still, there's no way I'll answer everything in a faq, and it has to be frequently asked before it can be faq'd. Since it looks like the Blogger Discuss forum isn't coming back, and I never meant for my Open Post feature to be a way to ask questions (it was supposed to be a way to offer answers, but there apparently isn't as much demand for a way to do that), I've started an alternative Blog help forum, where you're welcome to ask anything, as long as you remember that I'm not a Pyra/Google employee, so I can't fix it, I can only tell you how to use it, and sometimes how to work around the trouble spots.

Update: oops, forgot all about the mailing lists: if you are using Pro, there's a Yahoo Group at bloggerPro2, and for Classic, there's a Group at blogger_user_support. One nice feature of both is that there's a chance you'll get an answer from someone who isn't me, and in the case of bloggerPro2 it might even be a Blogger employee (blogger_user_support is not monitored by Blogger employees in any way, shape, or form, so there's not much point in screaming at them there, or posting about things that only they can fix, other than to find out for sure that it isn't just happening to you).