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Meta - Open Post

As a belated first birthday present for my FAQ, a new feature: you do the posting. There's a "coming sometime" feature for Blogger Pro which will allow you to take posts from anyone with a Blogger username, without having to invite them to join the blog, and then their posts will go into a moderation queue until you decide they are okay to publish.

I can't wait for it forever, so I wrote my own imitation, which posts (but doesn't publish) as "Open Poster", but with a "Submitted by Your Name" at the end of the post, and then emails me a notification. It is very much in beta at this point, so just like any other form of posting to Blogger you'll want to copy your post before you hit submit (my current API error handling technique is to say "Sorry, the API ate your post"). Testing is very welcome, but remember that it emails me, and puts a post into my blog that I have to either delete or publish, so try to think of something that could be posted here before you check it out.

So, in all its popup glory (I like popups), here's Open Post.

Submitted by Phil Ringnalda