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Archives - Messed up html

Are the archives for your Blog*Spot-hosted blog completely screwed up? Do they repeat at seemingly random intervals? Are there sections of raw html poking through? In short, do they look like my June archive did for a while?

Back on July 31st, when Ev moved Blog*Spot to a new server, something happened to corrupt some (or maybe a lot) of the archive files, putting in repeated sections of html and thousand-byte sections of 00 after 00 (which will look like spaces unless you view source in a hex editor). In some cases, simply republishing the archives cleared up the problem, but in others, when you republished you got a "553 Permission denied" error (side note: if you want to actually see the ftp log from that non-resizable window, just right-click, select all, right-click, copy, and paste it into a text editor). The good news is, the permission problem is now fixed, and you only need to republish the messed up archives one more time to clear things up. If it still doesn't work, email ev AT and/or leave a comment here.